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2022, 7th April

Danieli Condition Monitoring System

Predictive maintenance tool to increase plant efficiency

An unexpected equipment outage can have truly unpleasant consequences: it can strongly affect the production plan and require quick and costly maintenance intervention, not to mention the indirect losses coming from missed production.
It is becoming more and more common to have a tool capable of identifying the status of equipment.

This is largely considered to be an excellent way to detect and prevent the unexpected outages and to significantly increase the plant efficiency.
Danieli Service, employing best technologies available on the market, has developed such a tool, keeping a steady focus on the metallurgical equipment that is the Danieli expertise thanks to a century of OEM experience.

This special tool is called D-CMS (Danieli Condition Monitoring System) but the full potential of this system is still to be discovered.


How it works
Thanks to a consolidated hardware and software architecture and specific technology for bearing and gearwheels analysis, the D-CMS proves to be a reliable way to detect and isolate the component anomaly at its “birth” stage, thus giving customers adequate time to plan and manage the maintenance activity.

The distinctive point of our solution is know-how accumulated over 20 years of monitoring service, is carefully fine-tuned by Danieli Service specialists, taking into consideration those unique characteristics typical of each plant.



After carefully analysing the acquired data, Danieli Service issues the reports on equipment status, including suggestions for the maintenance actions to be planned and timing indications.


Some Numbers
Recent market studies carried out by international research institutes evidence the significant value added by predictive maintenance tools implementation at a production plant:





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