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2024, 10th June

Danieli to provide Direct Reduction technology for Tata Steel new investment

Under the agreement recently signed with Danieli, Tata Steel Nederland selected the Energiron® direct reduction technology for the Green Steel plan in IJmuiden

Tata Steel Nederland selected Danieli to provide the innovative Energiron direct reduction technology in IJmuiden, for the production of high-quality DRI in a reliable and efficient way, being capable of decreasing CO2 emissions.

The contract calls for engineering a new Energiron Zero Reformer Plant, with capacity of 2.5 Mtpy of hot and cold DRI. The hot DRI will be conveyed to a new electric arc furnace via the Hytemp® system, further increasing the overall energy efficiency of the new facility.

The selected DRP-EAF configuration will be replacing existing blast furnace and coke oven plants, allowing for 40% less CO2 emissions. The Energiron technology includes a CO2 capture system and it is inherently H2-ready, making it possible to use any mix of natural gas and hydrogen as reducing agent. The process is more energy efficient and produces high-quality DRI, thus facilitating both cost competitiveness and environmental sustainability in Green Steel production.

The Energiron direct reduction technology is the preferred choice in terms of energy efficiency and operational flexibility, allowing Tata Steel to produce the full product portfolio without compromising on quality and to become completely CO2 neutral.

Energiron is the innovative direct reduction technology jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli.