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2022, 13th December

Danieli Morgårdshammar intelligent guide systems for British Steel

Order for new digital guide equipment to reach the highest safety standards and excellent guiding

British Steel selected Danieli Morgårdshammar Guide Systems to supply intelligent guides in a 4-strand wirerod mill plant in Scunthorpe, England.

The plant, which operates a Danieli breakdown mill, produces one million tons per year of 5.5 to 17-mm-dia rounds, for automotive applications including tire cord, suspension and valve springs, bridge cables and many other applications.

According to Ian Simpson, Area Manufacturing Manager of the wirerod mill, British Steel is investing in a range of “Intelligent Guide Products” looking forward to improvements in production, quality, specification, groove life optimization and of course safety.

Several types of guides will be supplied.

RX25 guides will be mounted on stands #11 and #13, immediately before the Danieli pre finishing module (PFM) stands. With dynamic force control and self-adapting roller positioning, the guide controls and handles dimensional variations of stock that will decrease roller wear, prolong bearing lifetime, reduce maintenance and extend mill service intervals.

WSG30 guides including Bearing Monitoring System (BMS) will be mounted on PFM stand #15. This series of guides are dedicated to high-speed plants to achieve very strict product tolerances and superior surface quality, deciding to use two motors in order to control and move independently the position of the left or right roller holders.

Fast-finishing blocks will be equipped with new roller guides SRWE24 N featuring Bearing Monitoring System (BMS), to maximize the usage of the bearings by receiving the exact information about their condition and lifetime.

Finally, two Smart Eye setting packages will be supplied with the WSG and SRW roller guides, to control setting and alignment to ensure highest possible yield, good tolerances, surface finish, and to minimize wear on the fast-finishing module blocks and roller guide equipment.

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