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2022, 1st December

Danieli MIDA Hybrid QLP minimill ordered by Tata Steel

It will be the first green steel endless casting-rolling plant powered by Digimelter® and Octocaster® to operate in India

The investment in a Danieli MIDA Hybrid QLP minimill for the production of long products is part of the Tata Steel commitment to invest in a circular economy and to transition to low-carbon steelmaking through the steel recycling route.

The new MIDA will be installed in the North of India, in Ludhiana, Punjab, and will have an annual capacity of 750,000 tons of quality rebar, mainly in 550 SD grade. And it will start operation by end 2024.

The minimill will feature the Danieli-patented Digimelter (Q-One + Zerobucket + Q-Melt suite) and Octocaster feeding an ultra-compact rolling mill.

Q-One power feeder handles irregular power loads with high flexibility and reliability by using semiconductor devices. This results in lower energy, electrode and refractory consumption, along with zero-impact on the power network. Hybrid by design, it allows the direct use of renewable sources generated at the site.

The 75-t Zerobucket Digimelter will receive preheated scrap thorough the ECS continuous scrap-charging and preheating system.

Danieli Q-Melt advanced process control offers dynamic and automatic optimization of the melting profile.

Endless casting-rolling is powered by a single-strand Octocaster featuring ECO-PowerMould and FastCast Cube oscillator, to operate at an hourly productivity of 112 tons, connected to the rolling mill for uninterrupted production.

The 18-stand ultra-compact rolling mill featuring two 6-pass, fast-finishing blocks will roll rebar ranging from 8 to 40 mm dia.

Danieli MIDA QLP minimill is the benchmark technology for commercial production thanks to smooth and stable production, quick plant ramp-up and lowest operational costs. Tata Steel order is Danieli endless casting rolling plant #22. 

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