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2019, 22nd October

Danieli DigiMelter: the revolutionary system to melt steel, powered by Q-ONE

A new Q-One digital power system in operation at ABS Sisak

The results of the Danieli Automation Q-One power system installed at ABS Sisak meltshop for special steel (Croatia), confirmed an impressive increase of active power availability and EAF efficiency.

Q-One technology provides the most stable, low-disturbance effect (flicker and power factor) on the electrical power network along with the most advanced, dynamic, fast, electrode control system reducing electrode consumption through hi-performance power unit.

The upgrade of the 78-t melting unit by Q-One at ABS Sisak, led to 20% reduction of electrode consumption and a 10% shorter power-on time.

One of the targets of the upgrade at ABS Sisak was to comply with the narrower rules applied by the Croatian electrical energy supplier.

A very low network flicker due to a quick control of voltage and current and a power factor constantly above 0,96 were achieved.

Q-One offers unmatched power control and handling and does not require any SVC installation.

Danieli Digimelter is the revolutionary melting tool and will open a new era in steelmaking.

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