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2024, 11th April

Better quality performances and lower carbon emissions

Siderurgica Balboa selects ultimate Danieli Centro Combustion systems

Targeting energy efficiency and pollution reduction, A.G. Siderurgica Balboa selected Danieli technologies to revamp two reheating furnaces, serving the section mill and of the flexible bar, wirerod and light section mill, with new process and equipment.

In operation in Jerez de los Caballeros plant, in the Spanish Extremadura region, both mills were originally supplied by Danieli between 2005 and 2007.

The projects will allow CO2 footprint reduction by dropping the consumption of natural gas in a range of up to 10 %.

This will be achieved by installing new, Danieli Centro Combustion proprietary HydroMAB flameless burners which will also reduce NOx emissions.

HydroMAB burners are hydrogen-ready by design, thus Siderurgica Balboa will be able to adopt hydrogen as soon it is available.

The section mill furnace will be driven by new Danieli Automation Level 1 and process control, featuring the RHF optimization model and an improved roof lining. Field instrumentation will be also upgraded for CE compliance.

The agreement will include plant startup and personnel training to maximize the technological results and the quickest return of the investment.

The upgrade will be executed by end 2024. 

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