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new orders

2022, 30th September

ArcelorMittal Brasil orders Danieli rolling mill for long products

New reheating furnace and mill for profiles, spring flats, angles-channels-beams, rounds, and squares

A new complete rolling mill and reheating furnace will be installed at Barra Mansa Works to produce 400,000 tpy of quality bars and medium sections, increasing the production capacity of the plant at the most competitive OpEx.

The mill will produce profiles, spring flats, angles-channels-beams, rounds, and squares, from 6- to 12-m-long square billets and blooms reheated by the new Centro Combustion walking-beam furnace, according to final product and process needs.

The complete, 15 housingless stand mill will feature a rake-type cooling bed with a water-cooling system and heat-retaining hoods based on process requirement and a multi-strand straightening machine with a quick-changing device, followed by finishing services.

The stacking facilities will supply packages between 4.3- and 15-m long, weighing between 1.5 and 5 tons.

Danieli Automation process control and systems will ensure easy operation and material tracking throughout the entire process.

In addition to engineering and technological supply, the contract includes on-site training and advisory services.

Expected to start operation within mid-2024, this will be the 48th Danieli rolling mill in Latin America.

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