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2024, 2nd February

Another Danieli rolling mill for quality rebar

Added-value, TMT Thermo-Mechanical Treated bar mill for Muhaj Baghdad

Iraqi company Muhaj Baghdad awarded Danieli the contract for a new, 500,000-tpy rolling mill plant for rebar.

The upcoming plant will be built in the industrial area of Al-Hilla, near Baghdad, to produce quality rebar in 10- to 40-mm-diameter, using Danieli special high-speed rolling technology.

The new rolling mill will include a combination of 12 horizontal-vertical housingless stands and a six-pass, fast-finishing block to ensure efficient production. Featuring multidrive technology and Danieli Morgårdshammar bar guiding systems, it will roll rebar at high speeds, in tight tolerances, with high surface finish.

In-line heat treatment of the rolled bars will be performed by a Danieli “QTB” quenching system installed after the fast-finishing block. There, bars will be treated with cooling pressure water to obtain the required material structures and mechanical properties, according to international standards for TMT Thermo-Mechanical Treated bars.

Danieli will supply equipment, Danieli Automation L1 automation systems, and advisory services for installation, plant startup and training.

Mill layout was designed with provision for a future wirerod line.

Through this investment Muhaj Baghdad will become a key player in Iraq's TMT bar market, profitably.

The new high-speed mill is expected to start operation in late Q3 2025.

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