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2018, 11th May

SeAH Besteel goes for Q-Melt® automatic EAF technology

Efficient Danieli solution to reduce process variability and OpEx in EAF steelmaking

SeAH Besteel, the largest special steel producer in Korea, leading the market with a total production capacity of 3.1 million tons of steel produced by four EAFs, will upgrade EAF#3 with Q-Melt®. 

Danieli Q-Melt® is the latest evolution of the automatic control concept for the EAF melting process.

The suite is comprised of Q-Reg Plus dynamic electrode regulator with arc coverage control and slag foaming detection; Lindarc in-situ gas analyzer with TDLAS laser spectrometer; and Melt-Model process control and optimizer.

The core of the system is the Melt-Model that automatically identifies deviations in process-controlled variables and corrects them according to the best possible practice, to avoid losses or wasting of available energy sources.

This will be the first Q-Melt® in Korea. Installation is expected by September 2018.

The collaboration between Danieli and SeAH Besteel has been going on for 30 years.


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