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2017, 24th July

JSW adds galvanizing capacity at Vijayanagar steel complex

Danieli to supply two 450,000-tpy hot-dip galvanizing lines

Following the recent order for a 200,000-tpy tinplate complex, Danieli has been contracted by JSW, to supply two 450,000-tpy hot-dip galvanizing lines.
The two new lines will be installed in Vijayanagar - in southwestern India- to apply GI and GL coatings for construction grade products, for commercial applications.

The vertical annealing furnaces will be fully equipped with radiant tubes and operated with mixed gases, which guarantee quite competitive gas consumption figures.

The Danieli Kohler X-Jet air-wiping system will allow GL and GI coating on both sides of the strips -of 60 and 40 g/m2, respectively- at 180 mpm, with a guaranteed deviation of only +/-1.7%.
The skin-pass section and the tension leveler will ensure elongation up to 2%, with accuracy of +/-0.05%, and flatness improvement up to 5IU. 

The advanced software packages and the integrated functions developed by Danieli Automation will guarantee optimal performances while minimizing manual intervention.
The first coil will be produced by end 2018.

Danieli cold mills, strip processing lines or complexes, are fully supplied with Danieli mechanical, automation and reheating technologies.



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