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2019, 15th January

Impressive startup for the cold tandem mill at Yildiz Lar, Turkey

It is part of the new Danieli complete PLTCM cold mill complex

After the startup of the pickling, galvanizing, batch annealing lines and temper mill, Danieli and Yildiz Lar technical teams performed an impressive startup of the cold tandem mill which is part of the new complex in Izmit (Kocaeli).


Right from the beginning the quality and productivity results were twice the contractual values, with the PAC signed after two weeks.

Four weeks after startup the productivity was three times the expected rate.


The new five-stand tandem mill is made up of six-high stands featuring Danieli OSRT shaped-roll technology and controlled by Danieli Automation process control system.


Danieli Automation D-REC automatic eccentricity compensation algorithm ensures precise and simple control of strip thickness. As a result, strip thickness tolerance is ± 0.6%, head/tail off-gauge length lower than four meters, and strip flatness less than 5IU.


Coils in final strip thickness of 0.20 mm and widths up to 1,550 mm in a product mix including DP600, DP1000, IF and HSLA, are produced.

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