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2017, 12th May

Danieli Q-Melt® automatic furnace boosts EAF performances at Kroman Çelik

Impressive figures achieved in EAF productivity and energy savings

The Q-Melt automatic furnace is part of the “Danieli digital steelmaking concept” for EAF dynamic process control. It uses real-time process variables to perform automatic closed-loop control on the furnace chemical and electrical profiles. 

In July 2016, Kroman Çelik awarded Danieli with the contract to upgrade the 150 ton EAF by installing the Danieli Q-Melt process control and the latest More sidewall injection technologies with the targets of boosting EAF productivity and reducing transformation costs

The execution of the revamping took just nine days and generated from the very beginning a very fast learning curve, resulting in a rapid productivity ramp-up. Just a few weeks after startup, the new Danieli Q-Melt adaptive process control significantly improved EAF overall performance.

Q-MELT results after one month of operation at Kroman Celik:

> Productivity +8 t/h
> Power-on -1 min
> Tap-to-Tap -2.4 min
> Electric Energy -25 kWh/t
> Oxygen +1.5 Nm3/t
> Natural gas +0.3 Nm3/t
> Coal -3.8 kg/t
> Lime and Dolomite -0.7 kg/t

Additional benefits are possible by integrating the Q-Melt automatic furnace into the interoperability scenario of the Industry 4.0 design principles.


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Danieli and Kroman teams at acceptance certificate signing
Danieli and Kroman teams at acceptance certificate signing
Danieli Q-Melt model
Danieli Q-Melt model