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2015, 31st August

NELA grants acceptance for Danieli 85-MN Plate Stretcher

On June, 24th 2015, Northeast Light Alloy Company Limited signed the Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC).

Danieli a step ahead

An international multicultural team to cover the full spectrum of technology from iron ore to the different finished products. We introduced in the market the highest number of innovations in the last years, investing an average of 140 M Euro/Year in the last
8 years
. Our wide in house manufacturing capability ensures the highest equipment quality and reliability, thanks to a continuous control an all the process,
as well as ensures a multicultural intellectual growth, taking the advantages of different cultures and motivations. Software algorithm models, computerized quality and production control systems, adopting the most advanced informatic technologies like fuzzy logic, neural systems, modeling, simulation are developed in house and this means to transfer Danieli process know how to final users.