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Winning technologies:

MIDA–QLP and QSP–DUE are the winning Danieli direct-rolling technologies for the most competitive production of long and flat green-steel products.
Danieli Universal Direct Rolling for long products
Danieli Universal Direct Rolling for flat products

They are the result of the research and continuous improvement profused over 20 years, along with multi-million dollars of investment. Their unmatched performances have fueled their success worldwide, thanks to lower resource consumption and carbon emissions, unbeaten OpEx, and outstanding product quality.

So, top technology becomes copied technology, the shortest route for competitors that, abandoning their solutions, now try to imitate MIDA–QLP and QSP–DUE

Equipment and layout may be copied, but experts know that details make the difference. Automation and process solutions are not easy to copy, and this will be the experience of anyone trusting in those imitations.



The competitive advantage for our customers, obtained by field results, is the best defense for our technology – more than court rulings protecting our patents.

Danieli offers the best guarantees for speedy learning curves, steady performances, and now Digital Plants with no men on the floor.
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