Thin Slab Casters

Flexible solution for high-grade steels

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The Danieli flexible thin slab caster is the only thin slab caster in the world capable of casting all the steel grades typical of a major integrated mill, with surface and internal qualities able to fulfill the most demanding applications.

In the late 1980s, Danieli Davy Distington pioneered the application of innovative technological solutions for vertical-curved thin slab casting machines, to improve slab quality and plant productivity. Thanks to a massive R&D effort over the years, Danieli developed and patented unique solutions that now are embodied in all Danieli thin slab casters, allowing the Danieli fTSC machine to redefine the quality standards in thin slab casting worldwide.
The Danieli flexible thin slab caster can have a capacity in the range of 600,000 tpy per strand up to 2,500,000 tpy per strand, depending on slab dimensions and product mix.
Final slab thickness can be in the range of 38 mm up to 110 mm, depending on the caster configuration that is selected.
The above features, design and experience have culminated in Danieli flexible thin slab casters achieving the unprecedented casting speed of 8.0 m/min.

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