Thick Slab Casters

Ideal caster solutions for a wide range of steel grades, slab thicknesses and slab widths

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Since the late 1950s, Danieli Davy Distington has pioneered most of the technologies and concepts now in use by today’s conventional casting operations for improved product quality and production flexibility.

Danieli engineering and supply capabilities cover the range from single slab casters up to entire integrated slab casting complexes, with production up to 10 Mtpy.

Innovative technologies, such as the outstanding Q-INMO+ mould concept, have been developed over several years of close cooperation with the world’s leading steel producers, such as TATA Steel, Posco, ThyssenKrupp Stahl, Nucor, Baosteel, ArcelorMittal, and US Steel, establishing long-lasting and fruitful technological partnerships.

Danieli have developed a complete suite of technological packages to ensure optimal quality and productivity, from entry of liquid steel into the tundish until the slab is discharged.
The comprehensive range of “3Q” technology packages ensures Danieli will remain at the forefront of thick slab caster design and development.
A major advantage of the package concept is that each one can be applied, either individually or in combination, to new machines or retrofitted to existing casters.

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