Steel Plant Model

The Danieli Corus 3D simulation model for steel plants is the comprehensive solution for debottlenecking and investment evaluation in existing steel plants as well as optimizing greenfield designs

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In steelmaking, plant profitability is not only determined by process efficiency but also strongly affected by logistical factors. Steelmaking is a batch process based on an intensive complex of logistical movements between equipment with varying processing times, capacity and availability. The ability to optimize lay–out and equipment configuration has substantial added value in both greenfield and existing situations. Bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated and capital allocation can be optimized when a new plant is built or an existing plant is upgraded or reviewed with respect to output or efficiency.

Danieli Corus developed the Steel Plant Model to optimize logistics in both existing and new steel plants. The SPM simulates any operational scenario in any steel plant realistically and accurately, in 3D and real time. All objects, including equipment, cranes and ladles, communicate. The SPM simulation includes process time deviations, maintenance and breakdowns. Thanks to Smart Cranes interaction, transportation movements are simulated very realistically as well.
With the SPM, a wide variety of scenarios is analyzed in order to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, determine the results of modifications to the process (such as adding or improving equipment, different routing or priorities); improve or increase production; reduce CAPEX and OPEX; and optimize the plant’s design. The user interface allows for easy switching between scenarios that have been simulated and easy comparison of results based on a wide variety of key performance indicators.
The SPM is developed in such a way that when basic information (plant layout and completed questionnaire) is supplied by the steel producer, the first preliminary simulation can be completed within a short time. After that, the SPM plant simulation as well as the project outline will be adjusted according to steel producer’s requirements.

  • Validated for a number of existing steel plants and proven value during plant reviews.
  • Produced exceptional results in pointing out opportunities for improving for existing plants.

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