Slag Granulation Systems

Efficient blast furnace slag granulation contributes to low-cost hot metal and turns a residue into a resource

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A modern blast furnace can produce more than a million tons per annum of slag. Slag granulation using water sprays is now an established technology that not only simplifies blast furnace casting floor operations but also provides an economical route for producing of a valuable raw material for a host of industries. The slag granulation plant comprises three sections: for granulation, dewatering and storage.

In the granulation section, the liquid slag is ‘quenched’ by pouring onto it an excess water stream. The evaporated water will be condensed in a condensing tower located above the granulation tank. This proven granulation process ensures economic granulation and produces valuable and consistent properties in the blast furnace slag. Danieli Corus condensing tower technology has a proven track record in both the steel and the aluminium industry.

Dewatering is required to lower the moisture content to around 15%. Many dewatering systems have been used in the ironmaking industry and Danieli Corus offers various designs. For low maintenance and operating costs, static dewatering silos are used. These introduce the important advantages of minimum maintenance and maximum reliability.

  • Simple plant configuration with few moving components for minimal maintenance.
  • Condensation tower eliminates H2S and SO2 emissions.

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