Robot applications created to help the operator to work better and safer in zinc coil production area

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Q-ROBOT is the result of the most advanced alliance between industrial robotics and process automation. A set of solutions for each production area allow the introduction of flexible automation in dangerous places where human intervention is still necessary to finalize the production.

SKIM – Anthropomorphic robot for skimming & zinc dross removal
The working principle of Q-ROBOT Zinc is based on an industrial 6-axis anthropomorphic robot with its own control system that, using a specially designed tool, skims the surface of the zinc bath to remove dross, and place it in a dross container. This is the same job performed by a human operator. The Robot continuously makes cyclic passes across the surface of the zinc bath. This behaviour can be adjusted by means of sensors and/or direct human intervention.
Q-ROBOT Zinc can be supervised by a PLC for integration in the automation level 1 line. The continuous, repetitive and flexible efficient zinc dross removal from zinc pot means a significant zinc savings, due to the optimized zinc dross skimming operation.

S/J INGOTS - Robotic system for ingot loading into the zinc pot
Q-ROBOT ZINC INGOTS is used to feed the zinc pot with small zinc and aluminum ingots, or jumbo premixed ingots up to 1200Kg. The use of a robotic application permits a precise automatic control of zinc pot recipe (%Al %Zn) and high accuracy of liquid level inside the pot. Jumbo ingot loading can be performed with a consistent reduction of pot waves during charging phase, with a consequent reduction of cold spot around jumbo ingot loading position. Zinc and aluminium consumption can be monitored by automatic report. Moreover, using Q-ROBOT ZINC INGOTS allows a drastic reduction of operators’ injuires due to repetitive and dangerous operations, avoiding human presence in working area.

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