Fume treatment plant (FTP)

FTP with low operating costs to achieve the most stringent emission levels, worldwide

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The air pollution is one of the most impacting and visible emission from the workshops of steel production. Danieli offers the most innovative technologies and in according to the BATs guideline provides effective dusts, heavy metals and other organic matters abatement equipment, to be integrated as basic plants of the metal production.

The environmental technologies are able to capture and treat the primary fumes from the furnace roof and the secondary fumes from the canopy hood on the building roof over the furnace shell, as well as the ladle furnace fumes and those from the material handling systems. The abatement performance of the oil fogs, the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), the hydrocarbons and other pollutants contained in the fumes are in line with the most restrict European regulations.

The control of the air contaminants is provided also by reducing them at the sources. This has been done in the reheating furnaces, where Danieli applies the ultra-low NOx burners having a negligible emission of nitrogen oxides.

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