Pickling Lines

Highest processing speed for construction or automotive markets

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Danieli Wean United offers state-of-the-art pickling technology for high-speed continuous and push-pull lines to suit any customer requirements, with an optimized process and enhanced chemical and thermal efficiency, resulting in reduced consumption of acid and water.

The push-pull pickling lines handling a wider range of products than continuous pickling lines, require a much lower initial capital investment, and provide more flexibility in production scheduling.
While the continuous pickling lines are suitable for producing pickled steel for construction or automotive markets, and can exceed production of 2,5 Mtpy at a maximum process speed of 450 mpm.
Further highlights of the Danieli technology are high plant availability rate, reduced maintenance programs, and low environmental impact.
The Danieli Turboflo concept, based on a proprietary tank design and developed for both continuous and push-pull lines, makes it possible to minimize the pickling transformation costs by maximizing the pickling effect and the thermal energy savings.

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