Pickling Line coupled with Tandem Cold Mill

For high-strength steels and automotive applications

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The combination of these two lines is a mix of high-efficiency features.
The continuous pickling line coupled with a multi-stand tandem cold mill provides significant improvements in terms of plant efficiency, productivity, product quality and cost savings.

These are the results of the elimination of the intermediate storage of pickled coils and the need for strip threading, improving material yield and running time.
Our innovative design for the high-speed Turboflo pickling process section makes Danieli Wean United’s continuous pickling line the world’s fastest, able to reach a speed of 450 mpm.
The four/six-high mill stand configuration ensures excellent quality in terms of flatness and thickness control.
The continuous process eliminates the need to thread the strip head end between two consecutive coils, resulting in higher line throughput (up to 2 Mtpy, with a maximum speed of 1,800 mpm at the exit mill stand), reduction of off-gauge material, and reduction of coil handling.

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