Stereoscopic width gauge

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HiWIDTH is a contactless sensor designed to continuously measure the width and the centreline deviation of hot and cold flat products. Stereoscopic principles ensure correct width measurement irrespective of how the strip or plate is laying on or above the roll table.

The HiWIDTH gauge is based on the precise detection of the product side edges and on proprietary calculation algorithms capable of determining their position in geometrical free space. Laser light sources and stereoscopic technology make HiWIDTH completely independent of both strip temperature and position (i.e. thickness, lift, tilt or twist) as it “bumps” along the roller table. The HiWIDTH gauge uses a stereoscopic optical system to detect the projection of narrow light stripe on the surface of rolled material. Two laser groups project narrow stripes of light on the surface of rolled material, transversely to the direction of the rolling flow. The stereoscopic sysystem consists of two digital cameras equiped with linear CCD arrays, and the processing unit calculates the object dimensions from the image data of projected laser stripe captured by CCD cameras. Danieli laser front-lit width gauge illuminates slab edges from above, with high measurement accuracy of tilted slabs, plates and strips. The compact fully integrated system architecture ensures all measured data are available directly in the field, without the need for separate enclosures or process cubicles installed in remote control rooms. HiWIDTH permits high measurement accuracy and repeatibility in both hot and cold conditions, with no physical contact with rolled product.

  • Built-in long life laser light source
  • Width, width deviation & centerline deviation measurements
  • Flexible thermal expansion management
  • Standard industrial interfaces 
  • No moving parts
  • Very high reliability
  • Immunity from product vibration and position changes
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • No backlight required
  • Very large operating temperature range
  • Easy to interface with plant automation & quality management system
  • Faster adjustment of rolling mil
  • Improved product tolerances
  • Significant reduction of scrap
  • 100% Quality Certification of product
  • Low operational costs
  • Fast return on investment

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