X-ray Thickness gauge

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HiTHIX is a family of X-ray systems designed to directly measure the thickness of flat products along the production line of cold strip mills. The innovative technological solutions implemented by DANIELI AUTOMATION in HiTHIX guarantee first class performances expected by today’s steel industries.

HiTHIX is based on the detection of an X-ray beam that passes through the strip being measured. Measurement is implemented by means of the physical law that describes the absorption of an X-ray beam by a slab of given material with given thickness. HiTHIX is characterized by a strong system flexibility, in order to cover a wide range of industrial applications. After the absorption process, the remaining energy is measured by a sensor and converted into an electric current which is related to the thickness of the material. The sensor used to detect the X-ray radiation produces a current signal proportional to the number of photons captured by the device. This signal is conditioned and digitalized, then processed using a proprietary algorithm to obtain the correct thickness value. Dependence of the X-ray absorption on different steel grades is considered using specific compensation curves for each different grade. Hithix is assembled by integrated processing modules, without external process cubicles. The modular design of this instrument and the absence of moving parts in measurement head, results in minimal maintenance requirements.


  • Standard industrial interfaces
  • No water supplies required
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Very high reliability
  • Very high source stability due to proprietary cooling system
  • Easy to perform Alloy-Compensation procedure
  • Fast response time (down to 1ms) from the fully integrated architectur
  • 100% Quality Certification of product
  • Reduction of scrap
  • Low operational costs
  • Fast return on investment



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