Green Mill Fume treatment centers

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The green anode process is among the initial steps in the production of aluminium when operating pre–baked anode technology. During this process, dangerous hydrocarbons and pitch volatiles are produced. Danieli is a leader in Green Mill Fume Collection and Treatment systems. These systems bring full compliance with environmental legislation and minimize health risks for maintenance personnel.

Operations have proven the effectiveness of the design, with a reduction in heavy PaH emissions of 80–100%. Most importantly, scrubbers achieve a 99.6% removal rate of Benzo–alpha Pyrene (BaP), a major indicator of carcinogenic hydrocarbons. Additionally, Fume Treatment Systems achieve less than 2 mg/Nm³
for particulate emissions.

To accomplish the objectives of maximum performance, low emissions and “zero” maintenance, the configuration of the collection ductwork is optimized for flow balancing, maintaining carrying velocities and minimizing troublesome areas. In addition, the scrubber incorporates two types of coke injection.

Point Injection introduces the coke fines immediately after the source ventilation point to act as a scouring agent for the internal surface of the ductwork and for initial removal of heavier hydrocarbons.

The Vertical Radial Injector (VRI) applied in the reactor chamber provides maximum contact efficiency without the need for high velocity or turbulence. The injected coke fines provide sufficient surface area for the tar to adhere to before the agglomerated particles are removed in the fabric filter baghouse. The systems have proven to operate for many years in the harshest environments with little to no upkeep.