Laser Profile gauge

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HiPROFILE LITE is a laser based measurement instrument providing non-contact on-line profile shape inspection and dimension measurement for either hot or cold rolled products. From small rounds, squares and flats through rebar, HiPROFILE LITE provides the optimum solution to improve production performance and quality.

The HiPROFILE LITE system is based on laser-sectioning optical measurement techniques and image processing algorithms. Geometries, components and design solution of the 3 laser- sectioning heads and of the whole system are optimized to fulfil the requirements of hot steel detection and measurement. The three measuring heads are synchronized to acquire, at high sampling rate, the contour of an extremely thin slice of the hot-rolled bar. This feature guarantees for a superior blur-free behavior in presence of the vibrations and transversal bar movements typical of the hot rolling process. The image of the profile is then real-time processed by sophisticated recognition techniques and software algorithms to obtain the desired shape and dimensional data. The thermal expansion due to the material temperature is compensated by a parametric model linked with steel and product properties, to provide on the fly measures on the hot bar as it will be in cold conditions. The design of the system is focused to face all the side effects that the measuring of a 1000°C-steel bar involves. Disturbances due to infrared radiation that comes from the bar are avoided by a specific optical design, to obtain minimum-noise measures. The lean system architecture that doesn’t require installation of additional automation cabinets in control room, can be configured with variable number of accessories like additional operator supervision station, giant display, traffic light and more. Operating and installation costs are very low: the electrical supply is the only utility required to customers for gauge operation. A wireless connection is available nearby the gauge to aid during periodic maintenance.


  • Fully synchronized laser triangulation heads 
  • Specific algorithms for real profile measurement of rebar and Kocks-like sections 
  • Alarms in case of out of tolerance products 
  • Continuous real time production control & tracking 
  • Control points on the profile configurable by operator 
  • No moving parts 
  • Historical database for quality control purposes 
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) to analyze production trends 
  • User friendly operator interface (Numerical & Graphical visualization) 
  • Easy system diagnostic interface



  • Blur-free profile acquisition and minimum-noise measuring
  • No need for water and compressed air (electric power is the only utility required)
  • Integration via TCP/IP with existing customer network
  • Dedicated software to create the CAD file directly on the HiPROFILE LITE
  • Immediate on-line dimension measurements
  • In-line calculation of Adherence Index for rebar
  • Improved rolling tolerances
  • 100% product Quality Certification
  • Fast return on investment
  • Reduction of scrap and second choice products
  • Faster reaction in case of out of tolerance products
  • Faster Startup time after production changeover
  • Reduced production downtime 
  • Automatic calculation of weight per meter 
  • High accuracy with excellent repeatability
  • No physical contact with rolled product
  • Good tolerance to material position changes
  • Immunity to product vibration
  • Small footprint (only 300 mm deep)
  • Low maintenance required
  • Low operating cost (only electric power is needed)


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