Automation and electrical systems support and services

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Danieli Automation service is dedicated to worldwide customers support, providing assistance with automation systems and electrical parts for steel making plants.

Plant main functions:

  • METscm (Level 3)
  • Process control systems (Level 2)
  • Shop-floor controls and operation (Level 1)
  • Sensors and actuators (Level 0)

Services and support:

  • Customer Care (E-ASSISTANCE)
  • HW & SW revamping and upgrading
  • iSTAND, a revolutionary pulpit with 3D virtual reproduction of the plant, for training the operators.
  • Training (E-LEARNING)
  • Supply of sensors
  • Repairs of electrical and automation equipment
  • Commissioning & startup team for automation systems
  • Motors and instruments maintenance
  • Teleservice (Remote / On Site)
  • Supply of A&E spare parts

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