Aluminium Slitting lines

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Danieli high-precision slitting lines guarantee best-in-market tolerances for strip width and lowest virtually possible burr height. Sophisticated solutions combined with most accurate manufacturing of all components ensure shortest learning curves and long service life. Slitting lines are available for thin strip and large number of cuts as well as for medium-gauge strip that may be used for instance for automotive products.

Material dimensions thin gauge strip: 0.05/1.0 x 2,150 mm x 20 t
Material dimensions automotive slitter: 0.6/4.0 x 2,450 mm x 30 t

Solutions offered:

  • Automatic sequences for coil preparation (off-line or in-line) as well as coil handling;
  • Automatic cutting tool changing at the slitting shear;
  • CNC slitting units of highly rigid design to reduce arbor bending even at many cuts;
  • Fully mechanized scrap removal systems;
  • Strip transfer system between slitter and recoiler;
  • Automatic loop control;
  • Double loop builder;
  • Dedicated strip braking system (vacuum roll system or braking roll system);
  • Automatic recoiler mandrel change and clamping.