Aluminium Edge trimming lines

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Danieli is the market leader for high-speed trimming lines.
Speeds up to 1,800 mpm and more have been reached in daily operation and finished material fulfilling all customers’ needs regarding width tolerance, burr height, telescopic appearance and oiling quality.

Material dimensions: 0.1/1.5 x 2,100-2,650 mm x 30 t.


  • High-speed, in-line cropping of non-tolerance strip ends by drum shear up to 200 mpm;
  • Electrostatic oiling with highaccuracy oil spray system;
  • CNC edge trimming shear with fully automatic adjustment of all cutting parameters;
  • Optional arrangement of additional cutting heads for production of up to four finished strips;
  • Rewinding on one or two recoilers possible;
  • Scrap suction system for reliable scrap removal;
  • Dedicated exit guide design to ensure shortest distance between cutting and recoiling;
  • Extensive automatic functions to increase productivity and reduce coil-tocoil times