Aluminium Gas treatment centers

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Danieli offers Gas Treatment Centers for smelter potline emission control based on compact design Pleno V scrubbers using alumina dry scrubbing technology. The system uses the proprietary Vertical Radial Injector (VRI) alumina injection technology and low-pressure pulse cleaning of the bag filters.
The current system is the result of decades of continuous improvement and experience gained from around 40 operating dry scrubbing systems. In addition to the dry scrubber, a wet scrubber may be installed to minimize SOx emissions. Danieli has ample experience in building these systems for both aluminium smelters and power plants.

The advantages of Gas Treatment Centers based on Pleno V technology are:

  • Proprietary alumina handling systems with low wear and minimal abrasion;
  • Robust design for scale prevention and handling;
  • High efficiency proprietary VRI reactor with minimum pressure loss and minimum recycling;
  • Low system pressure drop yielding low energy consumption;
  • Low pressure pulsing system for long bag life and compact system layout.

The systems have a proven low maintenance requirements and high on–stream reliability.
The scrubbers have low energy consumption and are maintenance friendly in operation. There is an absolute minimum of moving parts and the clean and open layout provides easy access to all areas of the systems.

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