Aluminium Ecological and Recovery system

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Danieli provides state-of-the-art and innovative ecological systems for aluminium mills.

DAN-ECO² fume cleaning and oil recovery system: this innovation allows the efficient recovery (distillation) of the absorbed rolling oil without chemically altering its state.

  •  Extremely short payback period for a new system;
  • Excellent efficiency even under fluctuating inlet conditions;
  • By-pass line in the absorption circuit allows 3-4 hours maintenance time to the rectification system;
  • Fully re-usable recovered rolling oil;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Backup design for highest availability;
  • Fully automated and remotely controlled.

DAN-PURITY coolant filter and body feed system: maintains the cleanliness of the rolling oil in the roll cooling system.

  • Filtering efficiency up to 0.5-μm particle size;
  • Semi-automatic regeneration;
  • Easy, efficient and inexpensive installation;
  • Available in different sizes with expandability for future needs;
  • Low maintenance.

DAN-VRS (Vacuum Rectification system): for rectifying rolling oil from the coolant circulation system that has been contaminated by tramp oils and greases.