Specialty Cold Rolling Mills

Flat strip production for metals industries

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Danieli Fröhling is known worldwide as the first-class supplier for various facilities and process plants for non-ferrous metals, from strip to foil mills.
Besides mills for aluminium strip and foil, we design and supply cold mills for various metals including stainless, copper and copper alloys, special metals (Nickel, Titanium, Magnesium, Zirconium, Gold, Silver and others).

Fröhling rolling mills are equipped with a direct hydraulic screw-down for flatness control, which in combination with a perfectly adjusted automation system, allows for the closest possible strip tolerances. Perfect flatness is ensured by different flatness measuring methods, in conjunction with the built-in actuators: tilting, roll bending and axial shifting as well as controlled zone cooling of rolls.
The efficient and reliable removal of the coolant from the strip surface and strip edges is guaranteed by specially developed squeezing systems.