Modern Blast Furnace Design

The Danieli Corus Blast Furnace design based on copper plate coolers and high-conductivity graphite refractories offers the longest campaign life capability.

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The blast furnace is a high-temperature, pressurized counter-current reactor with dynamic process conditions. The main challenges in blast furnace ironmaking are currently related to lower coke rates, higher fuel-injection rates, high oxygen rates, high productivity and lower-quality raw materials of varying supply. All these aspects promote the already considerable thermal, mechanical and chemical attack on the blast furnace lining, yet target campaign lengths for low-cost hot metal production have to remain above 20 years while maintaining stable operations and high availability of the equipment.

The Danieli Corus blast furnace design, based on high-conductivity graphite refractories in close contact with the copper cooling plates, minimizes sliding effects and promotes the creation of stable protective accretion layers. The belly and lower stack include a combination of graphite and silicon carbide refractory and machined copper plate coolers for erosion resistance if this accretion may not be present. The bosh and tuyere zones are exposed to high temperatures, temperature fluctuations and erosion, and only the Danieli Corus design will consistently survive these conditions. Here, the protective accretion not only eliminates the risk of erosion but also provides sufficient thermal insulation to keep peripheral temperatures and process activity at desired levels. This design has a proven campaign life of more than 25 years, even under difficult process circumstances such as those imposed by high productivity and ultra-high coal injection and oxygen enrichment.

  • The Danieli Corus blast furnace design is the only design capable of achieving long campaigns under all process conditions.
  • The design is especially suitable for high coal-injection levels.
  • Developed for operators by operators, the Danieli Corus blast furnace design imposes no limits on the process.

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