Iron ore processing

Beneficiation and Pelletizing plant

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In a modern pelletizing plant the use of straight-grate technology ensures:

  • Higher availability and capacity creep above 7 Mtpy;
  • Raw material flexibility;
  • Less thermal consumption;
  • Less refractory consumption;
  • Much less fines generation without the need of having a screening station.

Straight grate technology is producing nowadays more than 75% of the DR grade pellets worldwide and it is the only technology capable to successfully process different source of iron ores assuring the maximum flexibility to the pelletizing plant.


  1. Beneficiation: Crushing, grinding, magnetic separation and flotation;
  2. Pelletizing: Straight-grate technology;
  3. Pot grate: fully automated, single-station unit with air-air heat exchanger;

Danieli has developed an innovative “state of the art” design for a fully automated pelletizing pot-grate testing facility. The first of this kind was installed at AHMSA (Altos Hornos de Mexico S.A.) in 2009.

The results obtained by using the  Danieli pot grate combined with the experience and skill of plant operators has shown outstanding technical and economical benefits, thus fully justifying the initial investment by AHMSA and confirming the importance of having an in-house testing facility to optimize industrial plant operations.

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