Hot Metal Desulphurization

Hot Metal Desulphurization by lance injection of reagents is the optimal solution for sulphur control during steelmaking.

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The vast majority of the basic oxygen steel plants worldwide desulphurize at least a part of their steel. Although it is possible to desulphurize steel after the converter process, it is more economical and thus preferable to remove the sulphur from the hot metal before charging it to the converter.

Danieli Corus offers hot-metal desulphurization technology based on the co-injection of magnesium and lime/calcium carbide. This is a method that combines the advantages of both reagents: Magnesium achieves fast desulphurization while lime and calcium carbide allow for low final sulphur concentrations.
Co-injection with magnesium and lime/calcium carbide is the most flexible and reliable option for desulphurizing steel. For a wide range of steel grades (including both low sulphur grades and normal grades), co-injection is the most effective and economically attractive method.
The competing KR process is only a viable option when process times, temperature loss and hot metal loss are not an issue. When no steel grades with low sulphur concentrations need to be made, resulphurization is not a problem and short processing times are required, magnesium mono-injection is an option. Therefore co-injection is regarded as the standard practice worldwide.

  • Very short process times combined with the ability to reach 0.001% sulphur
  • Minimum iron loss, minimum temperature loss and minimum equipment wear
  • Maximum flexibility

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