A revolutionary concept for thin slab casting and rolling

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In a continuous effort to improve existing processes and technologies and overcome their current limitations, Danieli has developed a new concept in thin slab casting and rolling plants, able to unify in a single production line all the winning features that up to now have been developed using different approaches, while eliminating the limiting factors of each one of them.
The new step-ahead is epitomized by the acronym DUE®, which stands for Danieli Universal Endless (Danieli patented technology – US patent n. 8087449, January 3rd, 2012).

This configuration belongs to the Quality Strip Production (QSP®) family, which is Danieli’s strip-quality-oriented thin slab based plants.
What makes this new concept different is the ability of “universal” rolling modes thanks to the fact that, now, within one single plant it is possible to perform coil-to-coil, semi-endless and endless rolling modes, making this plant a major technology innovation compared to the previous generation.

This is the backbone concept behind the development of the Danieli Universal Endless layout, which features the following:

  • High productivity, thanks to combination of slab thickness and speed;
  • High production flexibility, able to operate in coil-to-coil, semi-endless and endless rolling mode;
  • High operational flexibility, due to the presence of the tunnel furnace and relevant buffer time;
  • It covers the full spectrum of steel grades produced for flat products, including the most sophisticated ones rolled via thermo-mechanical rolling (API pipeline grades) or temperature-controlled rolling (multiphase products);
  • It covers the full spectrum of geometrical strip dimensions, ranging from 0.8 mm ultra-thin gauges, produced in endless mode, up to 25 mm thick strips.

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