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2018, 14th September

Fast startup at Deacero Ramos Arizpe, Mexico

The 500,000 tpy flexible rolling mill for bars and light sections mill was successfully started-up on September 7th after only 20 months of project execution and construction, and less than one month of period cold commissioning thanks to perfect teamwork between Deacero and Danieli teams.

At just three days from hot startup the mill already demonstrated its full potential by rolling at 70% of its maximum capacity (including four strands slitting process) which will lead to a very fast rump-up learning curve
The rolling mill is designed to produce rebars from #3 to #16, smooth (rounds and squares from 1/2” to 2”, and merchant bars, including angles, channels, flats from 1” to 3”, and T-profiles.
The 20-pass mill is fed with 160- and 180-mm square billets in cold charge and hot charge mode with direct transfer from the conticaster.
The rolling mill is mainly comprised of H, V and H/V convertible cartridge-type stands, with quick stand change system for the intermediate and finishing mills, followed by a QTR-Quenching and Tempering line for rebars.
A 100-m-long cooling bed with layer forming system completes the hot processing line.

The cold finishing area includes an in-line straightening and cold shearing system.

Rebars finishing is performed with three automatic counting and bundling stations, with 11 tying machines for sub-bundles, six tying machines for master bundles, and two tying machines for bent bundles.

Merchant bars and sections are processed in 24-m automatic stacking station with six strapping machines.
The process technology provides for up to 5-strand split rolling of rebars.

Danieli Automation provided fully integrated Lev1 and Lev2 automation and process control systems, and a Hi-Profile for in-line hot measurements of bars size tolerances.

This is the fourth complete Danieli minimill installed at Deacero, for a total eight rolling mills for bars, wire rod and merchant bars.
Another important step in the 50-year successful relationship between two teams with a win-win attitude.