Copper Tube Drawing Plants

Copper tubes and copper/brass alloy profiles require to be calibrated by drawing plants to improve their dimensional tolerances.

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Danieli copper tube process has pure copper cathodes as the starting material, which are then melted and cast into thick wall tubes which are then cold rolled to reduce their diameter by the unique Danieli planetary rolling mill. High speed drawing in multiple stages then follow, with the final product being coils and/or straight lengths of high precision copper tubes with an exceptional eccentricity tolerance.

Copper Tube Drawing Plants
Since copper and brass materials have a low yield strength, they can be drawn at the very high speeds that only the Danieli chain tracking pulling system can guarantee (up to 400 m/min), far exceeding the drawing speed of any other system available.
High speed Danieli drawing lines thus offer the maximum possible productivity and incorporate a wide range of other Danieli technologies such as straightening, cut to length, deburring and packaging systems.

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