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Dear Shareholders,
Customer and Colleagues

We have reached our forecast figures for the 2014/15 financial year. The steel market is under stress and our customers all over the world are facing the fierce competition of exported steel from Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian producers.

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Some of our customers have shut down their steelmaking shops because it is more economical to purchase semi-finished products from China, Russia and Ukraine. In some areas, such as North America and the Middle East, steel consumption is on the rise but prices are falling because of the competition mentioned above. This situation is obviously slowing investments, resulting in declining profits and order books for makers of steelmaking machinery and plants, and the general opinion is that the situation will not get much better in the next two years. We are revising the Group’s vision in order to take this situation into account, and to boost our growth in the market, which could involve a broadening of our product range. With these goals in mind and in order to fulfill them we have decided to:

> Keep investing in innovation and prototypes as planned (150 M Euro/year);
> Accelerate the ramp-up of our new factories in India and Russia;
> Partially offset the reduced number of orders for new plants by promoting Danieli’s technological packages designed to make existing plants more competitive (in terms of OpEx and quality);
> Further expand our aluminum business:
The collaboration agreement signed with Alcoa (USA) for the joint development of a revolutionary technology for aluminum production will certainly contribute in no small part to Danieli’s expansion in the design and manufacture of aluminum plants.
> And, the acquisition of Fata Hunter, a leader in certain aluminum plant sectors (such as foil, packaging, etc.), also will contribute to the success of Danieli Alluminio.

As regards our steelmaking segment ABS (Acciaierie Bertoli Safau), it too is obviously feeling the effects of the weak European steel market conditions, but we have invested in new products in order to deal with the volatility of this market segment.

In fact, as planned, at ABS we have begun production with the Rotoforge (thereby winding up the three-year investment plan worth 360 M Euro). This new plant will make ABS unique in Europe and we expect an upsurge in demand for high-quality products. In conclusion, we feel that this year’s results, if evaluated within the scenario that has been dragging along for several years now, are acceptable for both the plantmaking and steelmaking segments. However, in order to gauge the progress of the growth targets in the coming years, we have decided to use the 2013/2014 financial statements as a reference, a starting point, basically. We have chosen not to refer to the previous financial years in which the company grew successfully in order to avoid selfreferentialism and consequently be free to update our way of thinking and doing things, looking towards the future and not the past.

The Board thanks the Danieli Group team for their enthusiasm, dedication and passion in their work. Their energy and positive attitude are key to maintaining our success, constant progress and expansion, and on top of this, the ability to innovate. These attributes cannot be bought or learned, but have been built into the company’s character since the beginning and have come to be our most valuable intangible asset. We also thank our customers, whose innovative spirit makes them true partners in our quest to beat records and do things better, in order to remain front runners. Finally, we wish to thank our shareholders who allow us to reinvest more than 95% of our profits back into the company to finance growth and innovation. We like to believe that not only do this approach and vision stand for trust, but also for motivation in sharing with the Danieli team our pride in continued improvement, to be a step ahead


Gianpietro Benedetti

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