Danieli service and

customer support

remote control
service centers
Danieli service headquarter

Technical support and consultancy

for productivity, quality improvement and refurbishing/repairing activities.

Theoretical and practical training courses

educating 1,800+ engineers every year.

Original spare parts

delivered worldwide with total quality assurance and on-time delivery from our workshop.

Production assistance

for a faster production learning curve and to maintain under control of operation and maintenance parameters.

Always close to our partners

Danieli provides after-sale customer support through integrated and quick-reaction services, such as maintenance and repairs,  original spare parts and our own brand technological products;  training knowledge and expertise  sharing; condition monitoring and 24-hour remote assistance via teleservice, automation and electrical maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our products are valuable assets for the  production of new metal grades  and products, as well as for new producers joining the steel and non-ferrous metals community.

Danieli service office
Danieli service office

Key factors

Be more than just a customer: become a partner in the strategic challenges presented by changes in the market, so as to be always a leader in process cost control and maintenance practice optimization. Our targets also include constant increase of individuals’s skills and improvement of plant performances, product quality and reliability, to preserve capital assets.

Products range: Danieli Service is a general maintenance and technical support provider; we build and service the complete range of ironmaking, steelmaking, and NF plant, from ore preparation to finished product processing.

Partnership: We aim improve the value of the service we provide, creating a closer partnership with our customers and sharing tailored solutions according to their needs.

Core strength: Danieli Service has in its DNA all the skills and experience of Danieli's product lines, which is the link joining all of the company’s expertise know how in a unique organization that includes engineering department, commercial structure and operating technicians.

Developing solution: Our long standing experience in on-site customer support, maintenance and trouble shooting and the continuous monitoring and analysis of our customers’ feedbacks are the key factors of our ability to improve the new equipment design, and to develop technology products, and strategies for cost- effective services.

Structure: Our global network of Service Centers in Austria, Brasil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, USA and Thailand  is supported by highly skilled specialists and by our local workshops; this represents a further resource that enables us to provide a better-quality service in terms of both efficiency and velocity, allowing us to operate in close cooperation with our customers, and according to their actual needs.