Straightness & torsion on-line gauge system

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HiSTRAIGHT is a family of systems for non-contact direct on-line measurement of straightness and torsion for rolled sections, based on the well known and proven HiPROFILE technology. HiSTRAIGHT is specifically designed for round, square, equal and unequal angles, channel-bars, H-beams, I-beams and rails.

Three parallel planes, produced by laser heads, spaced along the running direction of the material, intersect the bar perpendicular to its longitudinal axis. A high resolution camera in each head detects the section of profile illuminated by the corresponding laser. The heads are fully synchronized and sample the bar for its whole length. Straightness and torsion are calculated in real-time by means of geometrical relationships and proprietary mathematical algorithms, comparing the information provided by each laser head. Thanks to HISTRAIGHT, operators and plant automation have a continuous monitoring of bar straighteness and torsion, according to configurable acceptability criteria. Straightness and torsion measurement is achieved using the information provided by a heads couple. The system is then able to simultaneously detect the torsion between different measurement points.


  • Fully integrated air purged system
  • Proprietary whole bar bending reconstruction
  • Fully adjustable head support frame
  • No moving parts in measurement heads
  • Two models to suite all requirements
  • Real-time bending and torsion visual representation
  • High accuracy with excellent repeatability
  • No physical contact with rolled product 
  • Good tolerance to material position changes
  • Immunity to product lift and slew 
  • Immediate on-line straightness and torsion measurements
  • On the fly control of straightening process
  • 100% Quality Certification of product
  • Fast return on investment

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