The 4th ESTAD 2019

24th - 28th June 2019 | Düsseldorf, Germany

26 / 44

The 4th European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) 2019 run in parallel with the METEC Trade Fair.

At this event you acquire the latest information on new ideas and developments as well as on the state-of-the-art in metallurgical process technologies for iron and steel production, steel materials and steel application.

CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf, Germany
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Jan Bak / Senior Sales Manager
June 25

14:00 / Room 17

Hot Blast System Development: Technology, Operations, Campaign Management
Reinoud Van Laar / Senior Technology Manager Blast Furnace Ironmaking
June 25

14:40 / Room 17

Compact blast furnace plant engineering and technology
Günther Staudinger / , Senior Technology Manager BOF Converter Technology
June 25

15:30 / Room 1

Converter Design Improvements and Upgrades for longest possible BOF Life Time
Matthias Meyn / Technologist BOF Gas Cleaning
June 25

17:00 / Room 14

BOF Gas Cleaning System Upgrades for Increased Efficiency and Off-Gas Quality
Ewout Tesselaar / Technologist Blast Furnace Ironmaking
June 26

10:00 / Room 1

Danieli Top Charging Unit: operational results at Zaporizhstal and design considerations for different scenarios
Marcel Van Reimersdahl / Senior Technology Manager, Rolling Technologies
June 26

11:20 / Room 26

QSP-DUE® Danieli Universal Endless: The new generation of Danieli thin slab casting and rolling plant for no production and market limitations
Alessandro Viviani / Vice President, Service
June 26

11:40 / Room 12

Advanced Service Team: a new strategic partner for total asset management
Rob van Opbergen / Manager Operational Assistance
June 26

13:40 / Room 1

Operational assistance and process support: How to secure know-how and experience regarding special situations in blast furnace ironmaking
Ruediger Holz / Executive Vice President, Danieli Wean United
June 26

14:00 / Room 27

Danieli cold processing technology: Innovative approaches for New Lines and Upgrades
Enrico Plazzogna / Chief Executive Officer Member of the Board
June 26

15:40 / Room 21

First results of QONE, innovative technology applied in the transfer of electric energy to the electric arc furnace
Enrico Plazzogna / Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing Dept.of Danieli Automation
June 27

09:00 / Room 26

The ever-increasing role of automation in developing the "Intelligent Mill" of the future
Marco Rinaldi / Senior Engineer, Process Technology Advisory & Commissioning
June 27

09:00 / Room 27

Bar mill dynamic pacing control
Peter Klut / Technologist Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning
June 27

10:00 / Room 3

Mitigating the Emissions of Acid Pollutants from Dry Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Plants
Damiano Vinetti / Senior Manager, Sales
June 27

10:20 / Room 27

20+ Euro/t savings by combining EWR and Spooler Technologies optimizing bar mill yield for the lowest OPEX
Davide Senesi / Manager, Direct Sales
June 27

11:00 / Room 17

Robotic applications for safety improvements in casting area
Dario Pauluzzi / Senior Manager, Sales
June 27

11:00 / Room 21

Sustainable decrease of CO2 emissions in the steelmaking industry by means of the ENERGIRON Direct Reduction technology
Knigge Mathias / Senior Tech. Sales Manager Rolling Technologies
June 27

11:50 / Room 28

QSP® - The most advanced thin slab technology for coil-to-coil production
Enrico Plazzogna / Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing Dept.of Danieli Automation
June 27

13:00 / Room 26

Q-HEAT - Induction heating benefits for long and flat products
Aldo Tellatin / Vice President, Mi.Da. Micromills Danieli
June 27

13:40 / Room 28

MI.DA. - Endless Casting and Rolling of Long Products: The Competitive Substitute of Conventional Minimills
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