ABM Week 2024

3rd September - 5th September | Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Latin America’s largest technical and scientific event in the fields of metallurgy, materials, and mining, ABM Week promotes technological exchange and industrial development and improves the competitiveness of top industry players.

PRO MAGNO Centro de Eventos
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Ruy Alvarenga /

ENERGIRON Flexible technology for Sustainable future
Dimas Andrade /

Green BF-BOF Steelmaking: decarbonization scenarios for the traditional coal-based route
Dimas Andrade /

Dry Blast Furnace Gas Cleaning Technology
Guenther Staudinger /

The Ultimate Lifetime BOF Converter: Design Improvements and Condition Monitoring Systems
Richard Willemsen /

Next Generation BOF Steelmaking Automation
Davide Braga, Rafael Barros /

Worldwide Development Of Recycled Steel Quality Requirements by New Steelmaking Demand
Lorenzo Bacchetti, Luis Henrique da Silva /

Advancing Steel Production - Automation Solutions for Charging and Teeming Cranes (ABS)
Enrico Plazzogna /

Q-ONE - Power electronics to control arc current and voltage - recent developments and achievements
Mateus Santos, Mário Sartorelli /

Nine (9) QREG electrode regulators in operation - results and benefits
Achille Trisciuzzi /

Danieli Continuous Caster upgrades: 3 case study from East to West
Gabriele Paulon /

Jindal Steel Odisha 7.2 Mtpy Double strand slab casters performances
Gabriele Paulon /

No. 4 Strands slab caster to produce from Automotive to Plate grades production at AMNSI India Hazira
Alessandro Venanzini  /

Efficient and innovative solutions for long product reheating
Lodovico Maria Miani /

Setting new standards for bar production – The Drawer
Lodovico Maria Miani /

20+ €/ton savings combining Danieli’s welding & spooler processes
Filippo De Santi  /

Innovative Quench and Temper Line for bars
Illya Synelnykov /

Revitalization of Aperam-Algoma_JSW
Lorenzo Bacchetti, Luis Henrique da Silva /

Fully automatic slab yard for Hot Strip Mill
Andrea Colombini  /

Startup of the highest productivity DUE (Danieli Universal Endless) at Yukun
Filippo De Santi  /

Customized and cost-effective solutions for production and product mix increase in HDGL furnaces.
Dmitrii Voitekhovskii /

Advanced lubrication strategy in cold rolling
Lorenzo Bacchetti, Luis Henrique da Silva /

Optimizing Steel Manufacturing Processes with Logistic Simulation