AIM 12th International ROLLING Conference

26th-28thOctober | Stazione Marittima, Trieste

The Conference will bring together rolling practitioners, steel producers, plant designers and researchers, providing a forum and dedicated sessions to discuss for best practices and state-of-the-art technology, while looking at short-to-medium-term future developments. Danieli will be main sponsor of the event, and participants will have the chance to attend a tour of ABS’ Quality Wire Rod 4.0 plant in Cargnacco, Udine.

Stazione Marittima, Piazzale Marinai d’Italia 1, Trieste (Italy)
Speakers open panel close panel
Jozi Shuli / Proposal Leader
Oct 26


The revolutionary MIDA Hybrid Minimill for a competitive green steel production
Enrico Plazzogna / Executive Vice President, Danieli Automation SpA
Oct 26


Danieli Intelligent Plant: an innovative and outstanding approach to plant supervision and process control
Federico Rocchetti / Vice President / Danieli Morgårdshammar
Oct 26


ABS QWR 4.0 quality from the start: new rolling mill concept and scale free furnace enhanced operational performance, sustainability and product quality
Salvatore Capra / Senior Manager Guide System Division / Danieli Service
Oct 26


Intelligent guides and BMS for bar mills
Enrico Galeazzo / Senior Engineer Roller Guides / Danieli Service
Oct 26


Intelligent guides and BMS for bar mills
Mauro Meneghin / Research and Development / Danieli Automation SpA
Oct 26


AI and Big Data tools for monitoring and improving the quality of rolled wire rods
Maicol Cimolino / Senior Process Engineering / Danieli Morgårdshammar
Oct 26


Improvement of both mechanical properties and metallurgical microstructure of wire rod cold heading steel by applying Thermo-Mechanical Rolling
Matteo Remy Bulfone / Executive Vice President / Danieli Wean United
Oct 26


Levelers Residual Stress Free
Matteo Nobile / Senior Manager, Technical Office R&D Dept.
Oct 26


Smart DanOil
Marco Lapasin / Vice President / Danieli Green Metal
Oct 26


Decarbonization of steel business - different approaches for different availabilities of green energy
Luca Faralli / Vice President, Sales / Danieli Wean United
Oct 27


Danieli due
Michele Minen / Power Products Senior Engineering / Danieli Automation SpA
Oct 27


DES - Elettromagnetic stabilizer
Umberto Saccoman / Metallurgical Engineer R&D Dept.
Oct 27


Efficiency improved cooling
Luciano Vignolo / Vice President Process Technology / Danieli Wean United
Oct 27


Full electric annealing furnace
Michele Turchetto / Executive Vice President / Danieli Wean United
Oct 27


Danieli Cold rolling mill, galvanizing and painting: the latest achievements and BAT solutions
Matteo Dovigo / Senior Manager Roll Pass Design / Danieli Morgårdshammar
Oct 27


Wicon EVO
Elisa Salamone / Sales Proposal / Danieli Centro Combustion
Oct 28


Dry Plus Furnace: A step towards decarbonization