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Green technologies

Our continuous efforts to research and develop innovative solutions for environmental sustainability and profitability are addressed to the following areas:

Fume treatment and noise reduction

More and more restrictive standards on emissions, pollutants, noise - both inside the plant working areas and in the surrounding environment - will be applied for the metals market. This trend requires a reliable partner with Knowledge, Experience and Commitment to ensure operational health, sustainability and competitiveness.
> Traditional FTP

Energy saving through reduction of emissions

Short- and medium- period trends seek to recover heat losses and improve the efficiency of the processes. It means increasing the competitiveness, to reduce green-house gas emissions, to be ready for future challenges. Visit our section on CHR™ to learn about converting thermal energy into electricity.
> Energy recovery


Water is a valuable resource, and the market will require continuous improvement to reduce water waste and improve integration of cooling systems for different processes. Water also is the more efficient media for energy recovery methods. Visit our section on softening, demineralization, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to address the future scarcity of water.
> Water efficient use


Saving resources by appropriate waste management is an efficient way to optimize production.
Through our by-product recycling solutions, profitable by-products take the place of waste.
> Solid waste Ecoravel

sustainable production Danieli Environment

Danieli Environment designs dedusting systems by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, which allows accurate modeling of the fume-capturing performance of different designs and combinations of equipment.

sustainable production

Environmental culture

Increased environmental awareness is a cornerstone of sustainable development all over the world, reflected in increasingly stringent regulations and practices that must be respected.

The purpose of the iron and steel industry is to produce, high-quality products at a competitive cost, at the same time respecting, environmental regulations that are becoming more uniform and stringent worldwide by mandating the use of BAT - Best Available Techniques.

Danieli believes that the reduction of the environmental impact of steel production can be accomplished together with the goal of being cost-competitive, as many environmentally friendly process technologies also are cost-friendly.

Danieli Environment is not only a leading technology and equipment but also a steel producer thanks to the presence inside the Danieli group of ABS, Acciaierie Bertoli Safau. This gives us a direct experience of the challenges risen by elaborate environmental regulations as well as the social responsibilities towards the community.

Danieli Environment is developing a suite of 3D videos and mobile apps to illustrate its state-of-art solutions in the field of Green Steel Technology.

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