Danieli Linz 

Oxygen Converter Steelmaking Plants

What is behind the foundation for Danieli's converter technology? Linz Engineering (the cradle of the LD process) and Danieli world-class manufacturing.
Danieli Linz Technology

Since 2011

Danieli Linz Technology is a steelmaking center of competence where proven oxygen converter specialists interact with experts to develop sublance systems, process models, and technological packages, as well as with the pioneering Danieli R&D technicians and engineers.

Latest technologies applied to production processes

Danieli Group is able to supply all the components of a complete BOF shop, either as individual units or as a complete process operation installed on a turnkey basis. With our fully owned core technologies thanks to several business units and renowned in-house manufacturing capability. 

Hot metal and scrap handling 
Hot metal De-sulphurization and De-phosphorization
Material handling system 
Converter shop 
Automation and process control 
Gas cleaning plant (wet and dry)

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