Danieli Plant Engineering
Since 1964
Danieli Plant Engineering
Turnkey Plants and Systems Engineering

Integrated Steel Plants / Turnkey Projects
Utilities Networks and Auxiliary Plants:
Water Treatment Plants / Workshops
Electrical Substations / Air Separation Plants
Lime Calcining Plants / Laboratories.

Danieli Automation
Since 1969
Danieli Automation
Process Control Systems

Process Automation and Control Systems
Integrated Production Management Systems
In-Line Quality Control Systems
Contact-free optical gauges
Turnkey Electrical Plants
Customized Instruments for Steelmaking

Danieli Centro Metallics
Since 1987
Danieli Centro Metallics
Ore Processing and Direct Reduction Plants

Mining and Beneficiation Plants / Pelletizing Plants
Direct Reduction Plants

Danieli Corus IJmuiden
Since 1977
Danieli Corus IJmuiden
Integrated Steelmaking Plants

Blast Furnaces / Hot Blast Systems / PCI Systems / BOF Process Control Systems / Hot Metal Desuphurization Systems / Feasibility Studies for Greenfield Integrated Steel Mills / Energy Conservation and Recovery / Emission Control

Danieli Linz
Since 2011
Danieli Linz
Oxygen Converter Steelmaking

Hot metal and scrap handling
Hot metal DeS and DeP
Material handling system
Converter shop
Automation and process control
Gas cleaning plant (wet and dry)

Danieli Centro Recycling
Since 1998
Danieli Centro Recycling
Steel Recycling Plants

Heavy Duty Scrap Shredders and Fragmentisers / Non-ferrous Scrap Shredders / Coolant Scrap Shredders / Incinerator Scrap Shredders / Pre-Shedders / Infeed Systems / Downstream Equipment / Emissions Control Systems / Replacement and Wear Parts

Danieli Centro Met
Since 1914
Danieli Centro Met
Electric Steelmaking and Long Products Casting

AC/DC FastArc™ Electric Arc Furnaces
Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces
VD/VOD and RH Vacuum Degassing Plants
AOD and CLU Converters
FastCast™ Bloom Casters
FastCast™ High-speed Billet Casters
Heavy EOT Cranes
Raw Materials Treatment
Meltshop Auxiliary Systems
Scrap Preheating Systems
Scrap Shears

Danieli Davy Distington
Since 1951
Danieli Davy Distington
Slab and Bloom Casters

Conventional Slab Casters for Carbon and Stainless Steel Grades
Patented INMO Mould with Unique Zero-tolerance Guidance
Hydraulic Oscillators

Danieli Wean United
Since 1901
Danieli Wean United
Flat Product Casting, Rolling and Processing

Thin and Medium Slab Casters / Thin Slab Rolling Mills
Hot Strip Mills / Plate Mills / Steckel Mills
Tandem Cold Mills / Reversing Cold Mills
Hot & Cold Skin Pass Mills / Temper Mills / Hot Levelers
Warm Levelers / Cold Levelers / Coilers / Interstand Guides Shears
Coilbox / Coil Finishing Stations / Plate Finishing Lines
Heat Treatment for Plates / Continuous Pickling Lines
Push Pull Pickling Lines / Annealing Lines / Cleaning Lines
Colour Coating Lines / Electrolytic and Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines
Aluminium and Zinc-Aluminium Coating Lines
Electrolytic and Hot Dip Tinning Lines
Terne-lead Coating Lines / Organic Coating Lines
Chromium Plating Lines / Specialty Processing Lines
Coil Preparation Lines / Slitting and Shearing Lines
Flattening / Leveling Lines
Auxiliary Systems for Coil Handling

Danieli Kohler
Since 1959
Danieli Kohler
Air Wiping Equipment for Metal Coating

Kohlerjet Air or Nitrogen Finishing Air Knives
Sink and Stabilizing Rolls
Minimized Spangle Equipment

Danieli Fröhling
Since 1947
Danieli Fröhling
Speciality Mills and Strip Finishing Lines

2-High, 4-High and Cluster Cold Rolling Mills for Stainless Steels and NF Metals
Hot Rolling Mills for Stainless Steels and NF Metals
CNC Longitudinal Slitting Lines / Cut-to-Length Lines
Wide Milling Machines / Stretch Bend Leveling Lines

Danieli Morgårdshammar
Since 1856
Danieli Morgårdshammar
Long Product Rolling Mills

Bloom and Billet Mills
Heavy, Medium and Light Section and Rail Mills
Endless Casting and Rolling Process
Endless Welding Rolling Process
High Speed Wire Rod / Mills Bar-in-Coil Lines
High Speed Cropping Shears for Wire Rod Mills
Spooling System for Bar Coiling Lines
High Speed Bar Mills / Specialty Steel Bar and Rod Mills
Reduction and Precision Sizing Blocks for Bar,
Bar-in-Coil and Wire Rod Mills / LPP Plants for Ultra-Light Profiles
In-line Thermal Treatment Processes for Bar,
Section and Wire Rod Mills / Multi-strand Bar Slitting Technology
Roller Guides / Shears

Bar Counters, Stacking and Bundling Systems

Coil Finishing Systems / Cold Finishing Facilities for Merchant,

Bar, and Wire Rod Mills

Danieli Stem
Since 1976
Danieli Stem
Aluminium and Steel Long Product Rolling Mills

Melting/Holding furnaces
Continuous casting
Rolling mills

Danieli Centro Tube
Since 2004
Danieli Centro Tube
Seamless Pipe Plants

Complete Seamless Tube Plants, from Cold Billet to Finished Tubes
Revamping of Existing Seamless Tube Plants
Cross Roll Piercing Mills, Cone-or Barrel Type with Guide Shoes or Diescher Discs
2-roll Retained Mandrel Mills
3-roll Fine Quality Mills / 3-roll Stretch Reducing / Sizing Mills
Tailor-made Solutions for Quality Assurance Lines,
Heat Treatment Lines, Casing/Tubing

Danieli W+K
Since 1968
Danieli W+K
Longitudinal and Spiral-Welded Pipe Plants

Spiral Pipe and HF-longitudinal Welded Pipe Plants
Welding Machines
Forming and Tack-welding Machines
Submerged-arc Final Welding Stands
Machines and Installations for Finishing Lines
Plants for the Polyethylene Pipe Outside Coating
Equipment for the Production of Tubing / Casing
Building Component Technology:
Sandwich Panel Production Lines,
Wall and Roof Cladding, Construction of Cold Stores
Sectional Doors
Strip Profiling Installations
Profiling Tools

Danieli Centro Maskin
Since 1953
Danieli Centro Maskin
Conditioning, Drawing, Finishing Lines

Inspection and Conditioning Equipment for Cast and Rolled Products
In-line Hot Slab Conditioning System for Commercial and Stainless Steels
Cold Drawing and Finishing Equipment
Coil-to-Bar Combined Drawing Line
Bar-to-Bar Drawing Benches for Bars and Tubular Products
Bar Straightening
Centerless Turning
Reeling and Centerless Grinding Lines
Carbide-tipped and Abrasive Disk Circular Saws
Ingot Milling Machines
Material Handling Systems
Finishing Equipment for Steel Seamless Pipes
Auxiliary Systems

Danieli Rotelec
Since 1977
Danieli Rotelec
EMS and Induction Heating Systems

Electromagnetic Stirring Systems for Bloom, Billet and Slab Casters
Slab Edge Induction Heating for Hot Strip Mills
Electromagnetic Brakes for Bloom and Slab Casters

Danieli Breda
Since 1950
Danieli Breda
Extrusion and Forging Plants

Extrusion Lines for Non-Ferrous Metals
Special Extrusion Presses
Push-Down and Pull-Down Presses
Electronic/Hydraulic Swaging Machines
Tyred and Rail-bound Manipulators
Special Equipment for Forging Shops
Special Equipment for Seamless Pipe Cold Finishing Lines
Auxiliary Systems

Danieli Centro Combustion
Since 1981
Danieli Centro Combustion
Reheating Systems

All types of Heating Furnaces:
Walking Beam / Walking Hearth / Pusher (both top-fired and top and bottom-fired) / Rotary Hearth / Roller Hearth
Tunnel Furnaces for both Thin Slabs and Blooms/Billets
Induction / Heat Treatment / Bell Annealing
Car Bottom / Pit for Galvanizing Lines / Pit for Painting Lines
Pit for Annealing Lines / Auxiliary Systems

Danieli Olivotto Ferrè
Since 1927
Danieli Olivotto Ferrè
Heat Treatment Furnaces

Heat treatment furnaces for steel coils and plates, bars and wire rod coils, seamless and welded pipes
Melting, reheating, and heat treatment furnaces for aluminium coils, plates, and rods

Danieli Hydraulics
Since 2008
Danieli Hydraulics
Industrial Hydraulic and Lubrication Equipment

Hydraulic power units
Lubrication power units
Hydraulic valve stands and manifolds
Descaling pumps units
Fluid control panels

Danieli Centro Cranes
Since 1958
Danieli Centro Cranes
Danieli Environment
Since 1973
Danieli Environment
Ecological Systems

Dry and Wet Fume Treatment Systems
Fume and Steam Suction Systems Soundproofing Systems

Danieli Construction
Since 2003
Danieli Construction
Turnkey Construction, Erection and Systems Engineering

Turnkey Construction Contract Management
Global Procurement / Utility Networks Design
Engineering, Construction and Erection
Installation of Plant and Machinery
On-site Construction of Light to Heavy Mechanical Equipment
Civil Construction and Technological Foundations.

Danieli Service
Since 1961
Danieli Service
Technical Service and Spare Parts

Technical Assistance and Inter@ctive Services
Management Consulting / Remote Assistance Services
Production and Maintenance Service Agreements
Equipment Technical Improvement
Multilevel Theoretical and Practical Training
Original Spares and Refurbishments
Roller Guides / DanOil Oil-film Bearings

Danieli Anatolia
Since 2012
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Danieli Anatolia
Turnkey Plants and Service

Machinery, device and equipment
for the steelmaking and construction industries

Danieli Anatolia Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi
Salhane Mahallesi Anadolu Caddesi No:40
Tepekule Is Merkezi Daire:902 Bayraklı – Izmir / TURKEY
Registration (mersis) number: 0270048600600014
Subscribed and paid-in share capital : 250.000,00 TL
Board of directors: Marco Di Giacomo (Chairman), Michele Ius (Vice Chairman), Hamza Erol Islamoglu (Board Member)