Arcelor Mittal DUNKERQUE (France)
Superior-quality thick slabs casters

Thanks to the 50-year experience of Danieli Davy Distington in design and supply of slab casters, Danieli covers the complete spectrum of slab production plants, raging from thin and medium to thick traditional casters, the latter being used in combination with traditional hot strip and plate mills.

JIANGYIN Xingcheng S.S. Works Co. (China)
Medium/Thin slab caster

Another advanced technology achievement is the widest caster in the world equipped with H2 long funnel mold, producing outstanding quality carbon steel slab of 150 x 3,250 mm. An in line quenching process to ensure optimun grain formation during the solidification phase. Typically, these casters are directly linked with the plate and steckel mills.

MMK Metalurji (Turkey)
fTSC-flexible Thin Slab Casting technology

The quality results experienced in Danieli reference plants show that Danieli’s fTSC (flexible Thin Slab Casting) process route can cover virtually all the steel grades used for flat product applications, including all carbon steels grades (for instance, also in the peritectic range), HSLA microalloyed, API grades (also for Arctic applications), stainless and Si-steels. As far as productivity is concerned, the goal of a thin slab plant that exceeds 3.0 Mtpy with two strands in operation has been proven conclusively since 2005, in Danieli fTSC casters in operation in Tangshan Iron & Steel, P.R. of China.

EZZ Flat Steel (Egypt) Quality Strip Production
Thin Slab Casting and Rolling Technology

TSCR is the ideal way to produce up to 3.0 Mtpy of HR coils of thin and ultra-thin gauges down to 0.95 mm in coil-to-coil rolling, as well as high-value steel coils, with optimized investment and transformation costs. In a QSP layout, the roughing mill is linked to a high-speed flexible Thin Slab Caster (fTSC) strand through a tunnel-type equalizing furnace, with a shuttle furnace module in case of two strands. Thus, the finishing mill is connected to the rougher by means of a Heated Transfer Table to ensure unbeatable flexibility, in terms of steel grades, in thin slab rolling.

OMK Vyksa (Russia) Quality Strip Production
Special grades and ultra-thin gauge rolling in TSCR

QSP’s unique layout makes it very easy and profitable to integrate technology packages, such as an intermediate cooling system to make possible the production of special steels, such as API X70 and X80 for Arctic applications; or an intensive cooling system for Dual-Phase and Trip steels; or f2CRstands coupled with a fast coiling unit for semi-endless rolling to roll and coil ultra-thin gauges down to 0.8 mm.

flexible Crown-free Rolling
flexible Crown-free Rolling mill stand

The production of ultra-thin and wide thin strip in endless or semi-endless mode requires a very wide strip crown control range (up to 1,700 μm), 4 to 5 times wider than the control range usually required by hot rolling practices.
The only method that can achieve such performances during the whole rolling campaign is the coupled crossing of the top and bottom back-up and work rolls. The crossing angle must be dynamically controlled during the continuous rolling of a long slab. The crossing actuators togetherwith the bending actuators are able to modify the quadratic and quartic parameters of the strip profile. The evaluation and control of work roll thermal crown and wear are fundamental for controlling the strip profile.

JIANGYIN Xingcheng S.S. Works Co. (China) Plate&Steckel Mill 3500 mm
Flexible plate and coil production with Wide Medium/Thin Slab Caster

The combined production of plates and coils in a total annual amount exceeding 1.3 Mtpy is achieved via a modern configuration of reversing Steckel mill fed by an ultra-wide medium slab caster. The line is fed by long, mediumthickness slabs that are directly rolled without broadsiding passes. Hot charging is extensively applied in most cases. Discrete plates can be produced directly on the in-line cooling and finishing facilities. Alternatively, plates can be coiled and shipped to the end user to be uncoiled and finished at their site.

JIANGYIN Xingcheng S.S. Works Co. (China) Wide Plate Mill 4300mm
Wide plate mill technology

Through the thermomechanical rolling process modern plate mills are able to produce high-strength as-rolled plates suitable for severe applications, such as pressure vessel and pipe production (up to X100 and beyond) at a competitive transformation cost. On the other hand, for increasing the plant yield the plan view rolling strategy is becoming very popular. Through this procedure a significant benefit in terms of material distribution along the plate width and length is achieved thus minimizing the trimmed and cropped material percentage on the further finishing process.

SSAB Oxelösund (Sweden) Cold Plate Leveler
MULTI MOre TORque drive system for plate levelers

The Danieli patented MULTIMOTOR (MULTI MOre TORque) driving system is an innovative solution applied to a new-concept high-performance cold leveler for UHS steel plates. The leveling rolls are independently driven to guarantee the possibility of
adjusting speed, as well as the extremely high torque supplied to each single roll, thereby optimizing the leveling process and protecting the mechanical components.

SHOUGANG Iron & Steel (China)
Innovative 6-high 3C, a new concept in cold mill design

On 2000, Danieli was awarded by Shougang, one of the most important Chinese steel producers, to supply a 6-high cold reversing mill. The designed product mix foreseen the production of about 350,000 tpy composed by 95% of low carbon steel and 5% of high strength steel. Danieli was able to deliver and commission the mill in a very short period: starting from the signature of the contract dated January 23, 2003, the cold tests were over by August 4, 2004. Since the beginning the mill showed impressive capacity in terms of thickness and flatness control, by far higher than expected during the designing phase.

New design DaSix tandem mill

The Danieli three-stand tandem mill targets thin and ultra-thin material in high-strength, dual-phase and TRIP grades, where flatness performance requires new, accurate, and sophisticated models. Danieli has developed the DaSix series, thanks to a modern design for easy erection and easy maintenance. Together with the mechanical equipment, such as bending blocks, shifting blocks, as well as roll coolant, flatness performance is achieved by using models such as flatness predictor, least mean square algorithm, and others, all linked to the shapemeter at the exit of the last stand for automatic flatness correction, including OSRT shifting on intermediate rolls and tapered work rolls of edge drop control.

TOKYO Steel (Japan)
The largest hot skin-pass mill in the world

This mill is capable of processing 40-t jumbo coils, strip widths up to 2,150 mm and thicknesses up to 12.7 mm with maximum yield strength of 700 MPa. This is possible thanks to the 1,500-t rolling force stand with small work roll diameter (400-450 mm), high motor power installed (totaling 7,000 kW), special design pyramidal high tension reel mandrels (max 390 kN tension), entry side 5-roll fully-driven flattener (with 850 kW power installed) and entry and exit side automatic strip centering units for accurate recoiling.

VIETNAM Steel Corp (Vietnam)
The worldwide most powerful single-stand cold reversing and temper mill for top quality coils

The selection of a mill configuration is driven by main three factors: the required production capacity, the material product mix, the level of the experience of the mill operators. In compliance with the specification developed by Nucor, Hickman works, Danieli received the order to design and manufacture the world-wide most powerful single stand cold reversing and temper mill with 3,000 t rolling force and 1,500 kW total installed power. The rolling cycle was calculated based on Nucor’s operating philosophy that gives high priority to the plant productivity.

Pickling Line coupled with Tandem Cold Mill

The combination of these two lines is a mix of high efficient features. The continuous pickling line coupled with multistand tandem cold mill provides significant improvements in terms of plant efficiency, productivity, product quality and cost saving. These are the results of the elimination of the intermediate storage of pickled coils and the need for strip threading, improving material yield and running time. Our innovative design for high speed Turboflo® pickling process section makes the Danieli Wean United continuous pickling line the fastest line worldwide able to reach a speed of 400 mpm. Four- / DaSix mill stand configuration ensures excellent quality results in terms of flatness and thickness control.

MMK Metalurji (Turkey)
High-speed (400 mpm) Turboflo® pickling system for thin gauge strip

In 1999 Danieli received the order by Corus in the Netherlands to supply an innovative high speed continuous pickling line. In this innovative Danieli Turboflo process, turbulence areas exist in every cell inside of one tank on the top as well as on the bottom strip surface. Special provisions in cell design allow acid internal circulation in tank cover segments so that reduced sealing energy at the pickle tank exit is required. As a result a thin laminar boundary layer is formed which allows a fast pickling process. This system is revolutionary and especially effective for thin strip travelling at high speed.

 MARCEGAGLIA Ravenna (Italy)
Combination Painting and Galvanizing Lines

The substantial advantages of this combined line are low investment costs, high process flexibility (producing galvanized only, or galvanized and color-coated, or color-coated only), and low operating costs (less handling, packaging, degreasing, manpower). The hot dip galvanizing line with in-line painting section at A.G. Galva-Color S.A. (Spain) produces CQ, DQ, DDQ, FH and HSLA materials with surface quality suitable for the white goods market.

STAHLWERKE Bremen (Germany)
Combination Pickling and Galvanizing Lines

Danieli has proven that is very successful in terms of final quality and transformation cost, to produce in a single plant both heavy gauges (up to 6.0 mm) for structural application including welded pipes and construction profile as well as thin gauges for pre-painting application. So one single plant serving the full range of construction and building market.

US Steel Kosice (Slovakia)
Pollution free tinplate technology

The system is a new highly efficient and environmental friendly electro-tinning technology developed by TsNIIChermet and Danieli that meets end-user quality product requests and the more and more stringent safety standards which nowadays characterize the steel industry. The new process takes place in acid electrolyte made up of sulfamic acid doped with specially developed surfactants to improve the technical-economical indexes of the electro-tinning process and quality of the products comparable with the “Ferrostan” process.

MARCEGAGLIA Ravenna (Italy)
X-Jet air knives

The Generation-3 concept is based on an increased wiping efficiency and optimization of the roll and positioning equipment to provide enhanced life, stiffness, accessibility and maintenance with the final result to decrease production costs and improve product quality. The new air knife generation features an air flow with a longer laminar zone plus a sharper and more efficient "knife" effect with an expected zinc coating reduction of approximately 20%. The key points of the new wiping system are an on-line automatic lip cleaner, on-line width adjustment, on-line sink roll scraper, reduced clearance height to accommodate an electromagnetic strip stabilizer.

Danieli and CSM-Centro Sviluppo Materiali
Dainox Bright™

Danieli and CSM-Centro Sviluppo Materiali developed this innovative process technology to produce stainless steel strips with a surface quality close to BA, with a higher production capacity and lower operating costs if compared to conventional processes, being also ecological friendly. The key point of the new process is a consistent reduction of oxidation process during the annealing in comparison with the conventional process. The chemical pickling is thus eliminated or reduced. The main advantages of the Dainox Bright are: high flexibility in terms of surface appearance (2D or close to BA), reduced environmental impact, reduced or eliminated chemical pickling costs.


The Danieli 6-high/SSR design of the mill stands, in tandem or in reversing configuration, has been studied for special cold rolling applications such as high-strength steels or stainless steel.In this type of mill, the work rolls, which have a typical small diameter, are idle and laterally supported by the SSR (Side Support Rolls). This type of configuration is typical for rolling black hot rolled stainless strip, solution used in integrated rolling annealing and pickling lines. A special feature of this mill is also the dynamic work roll offset adjustment, for a fine control of the flatness and minimization of the work rolls and SSR wearing.